If you found this website, perhaps there is something that you struggle with, a difficulty that you just can’t overcome on your own, despite having tried many things. Maybe you are considering psychotherapy.

  • Maybe you feel that:
  • - you are overwhelmed
  • - you don’t enjoy things that you used to any more
  • - you’re so anxious you can barely function
  • - you’re not happy in a relationship
  • - you need support to cope with a difficult situation
  • -your life lacks something important, but you are not quite sure what it is
  • If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes – you came to the right place.

Whether your difficulty is fairly recent and you hope you will just get over it on your own, or whether you have been struggling for such a long time, you almost don’t remember any different: psychotherapy can help you. Psychotherapy can help you be more mindful and discover the origins of your difficulties. This is the first step leading to accepting what you can’t change, and changing what you can.